Changes in jury eligibility rules (UK)

At least in England and Wales, more categories of people can now sit on juries.
Joshua Rozenberg, the legal editor of the Daily Telegraph, writes:

bq. Under the Criminal Justice Act 2003, all registered electors aged between 18 and 70, except people with a mental illness and those convicted of a criminal offence, must now serve on a jury if summoned.

This means that lawyers (including judges), clergy (including bishops), doctors and peers will be able to sit.

Joshua Rozenberg used to be the BBC’s legal correspondent and wrote a critical assessment of the English legal system, In Search of Justice, in 1994, which I found extremely useful for putting some flesh onto the system when I was teaching English law for translators. He has written a more recent book (March 11th 2004!) called Privacy and the Press, which I don’t know.

(Via UK Criminal Justice Weblog)

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