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I think I’ll have to stop reporting on new German blawgs – they are shooting out of the ground like weeds. Via jurabilis (April 5th) I found Christian Säfken’s weblog (he also has a joint blog called Glücklich Altern, together with a medical doctor, but how old are they, I want to know?), but then I see in Handakte WebLAWg ‘nichts Neues’ – already mentioned on April 3rd (Ätsch! as the Germans say).

At the same time, Rainer Langenhan asks how many German legal weblogs there are. Ralf Zosel replies: 17 at a guess, referring to the list at JuraWiki.

That list directs my attention to m.e.p.Histo-bLog (its web address is inappropriately, immateriblog and Die Berliner Sicht der Dinge. However, it includes JurText, which I don’t think is a real blog. And it omits Law-Blog.

LATER NOTE: Rainer Langenhan points to two others: and

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