Knitting, sewing and cooking weblogs/Weblogs zu Stricken, Nähen und Kochen

Alexander Hartmann stellt einen Webring für Stricker vor. Ich wusste nicht, dass es sowas auf deutsch gibt – Weblogs für Stricker sind bekannt in den USA und England. (Via plasticthinking) Deutscher Strickbloggerinnen.

I’ve long been fascinated by knitting weblogs. I haven’t had any time to knit for the last twenty years (although there was a period of a couple of years where half the class was knitting while I was teaching). But if I did, I would find the weblogs useful. There are photos of projects in progress, and the comments can be enlightening too.

I think there is more than one English-language knitting weblog webring. There’s even a queer knitters’ webring.

Now Alexander Hartmann, via plasticthinking (links above), points out that there is a German knitting weblog ring.

Because of the pictures, I suppose even those who speak no German might be interested to look.

Here’s an American living in Norway, plus Norwegian for knitters. Here’s a knitting club in Britain (the shop has some bizarre patterns, such as knitted shoelaces and an exfoliating cover for a bath sponge).

Some English/German knitting vocabulary here , here and here – Google will find more.

Here’s a sewing weblog started by Mena Trott of Movable Type.

Cooking weblogs have actually made it to my link list: Appetites (Robert D. Peyton, if I remember right a lawyer in New Orleans, including restaurant reviews, with links to other food blogs), La Grand Bouffe (German, from Vienna, by a student from Südtirol/Alto Adige – or somewhere around there), and I was just really very hungry, by Makiko Itoh, who is Japanese, grew up in Britain and the USA, lived in Japan and now lives in Switzerland, also with good links).

I suppose there must be weblogs on carpentry and home decorating and stopping leaking taps too.

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