German Parmesan/’Parmesan’ als generischer Begriff

Die deutsche Regierung besteht darauf, dass das Wort ‘Parmesan’ ein generischer Begriff ist, der für Käse aus Deutschland verwendet werden kann. (Spiegel Online).

Since 1996, the term ‘Parmigiano Reggiano’ has been protected under EU law and restricted to cheese made in the area around Parma. But Germany has continued to use the German translation, ‘Parmesan’, for cheese made elsewhere. Report from Desbladet.

I wonder what they use it for. A lot of Parmesan is sold ready-grated in little cardboard boxes with holes in the top. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t have much flavour. I wonder if most of the German stuff goes into these boxes.

The term ‘Camembert’ is apparently not protected.

Germany has quite a penchant for German versions of foreign cheeses: deutscher Camembert, Allgäuer Emmentaler, Deutscher Gouda.

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