VAT law for translators in Germany/Umsatzsteuer für Übersetzer in Deutschland

Per Döhler’s Artikel zu Umsatzsteuer für Übersetzer und Dolmetscher ist auf den Stand 2004.

Per Döhler’s
article (in German) on VAT for translators and interpreters is up to date for 2004. It’s useful because tax offices and tax advisers are often ignorant about how to categorize translation and interpreting work.

3 thoughts on “VAT law for translators in Germany/Umsatzsteuer für Übersetzer in Deutschland

  1. Hi there Margaret,

    Since I’m moving to Germany in a couple of months time I decided to ascertain the position regarding VAT and registration. I just entered the terms Umsatzsteuer and Übersetzer in Google and this was the first hit. Per’s article looks very helpful.


  2. How funny! Lucky comments are still open here (I often close them down to avoid comment spam advertising dubious websites). Fancy you coming here – somewhere nice?

  3. Probably Lörrach, just outside familiar stomping grounds of Basel.
    I’ve never actually been to the town itself, but there’s plenty of attractive countryside in the vicinity in F, D and CH and there are excellent rail connections to the rest of Europe.
    I’m off there next week to look at potential flats.

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