Articles for translators/Artikel für Übersetzer

Isabella Massardo in Taccuino di traduzione refers to the articles on the translation business and linguistics written by translators for translators at To quote that site:

bq. wishes to help freelance translators to get answers to questions they face in their work: how to market their services in the global marketplace; how to collect payments; where to find terminology sources in different subject matter areas; how to more effectively use computer tools; how to handle certain complicated translation issues, etc.
They invite contributions.

I listed them and other translators’ sites in an earlier entry.
Translatorscafe has articles too.

These sites for translators to seek and find work can be irritating, but they have advantages too (for instance the possibility at to search the old Kudos glossary questions – some of the answers suggested are very wide of the mark, but others do a mass of research and are worth looking at).

In a different category, there is also Translation Journal, edited by Gabe Bokor, which has been running for 27 issues now. has articles by Roger Chriss on working as a translator. There are links to more articles on other sites too.

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