Cease and desist order against book cover/Krimiumschlag durch einstweilige Verfügung gestoppt

Schröder erwirkt einstweilige Verfügung gegen Kriminalroman
Landgericht Hamburg untersagt Verbreitung aufgrund Cover-Foto

According to Medienrecht News, Gerhard Schröder has obtained an order from the Hamburg Landgericht to prevent the cover and contents of a crime novel from being circulated. It shows Schröder in the sights of a gun, and refers to a Chancellor called Winzling (something like ‘Midget’). The publisher Betzel Verlag had this on the cover of ‘Das Ende des Kanzlers – Der finale Rettungsschuss” (The end of the Chancellor – the fatal shot). The author is a journalist using the pseudonym Reinhard Liebermann.

The site now shows a different head on the cover – the original cover has almost disappeared from the Internet too.

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