Genetic fingerprinting in Scottish buses/Der genetische Fingerdruck in schottischen Bussen

DNA-Testsätze sollen Busfahrern in Edinburgh helfen, die Passagiere zu identifizieren, die sie anspucken.

Ananova reports that more than 1,800 bus drivers in Edinburgh are to be issued with DNA kits to catch people who spit on them while they’re working.
The Scotsman’s article is dated April 21st and the kits were first issued in September 2003, since when over 25 bus passengers face assault charges.

bq. The kits include sterile swabs to pick up any trace of an offender’s DNA. The packs also contain a pair of latex gloves and an evidence collection bag.
New laws mean anyone arrested for any offence can be DNA-tested and their unique profile added to the national database. Any DNA matches can be made within a matter of seconds.

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3 thoughts on “Genetic fingerprinting in Scottish buses/Der genetische Fingerdruck in schottischen Bussen

  1. Maybe bus & train passengers South of the Border should also be issued with DNA kits to catch road-rage bus and railway staff who assault them ‘in the course of employment’.

    Apart from serious acts of violence, the Eng./Guildford police & The Met in London take little interest in common assaults perpetrated on passengers as the policy is to concentrate on ‘real’ crime. And yet the signs on buses and the tube always say: ‘This bus/rail co. will press for the severest penalties for passengers who assault our members of staff’.

  2. Why would anyone spit on a bus driver Margaret? Strange, I have never observed this phenomenon in the Bristol area. Mugging them, beating them up, shouting at them, even shooting them…. have heard of that…but …spitting??
    Is this common in Scotland I wonder?


  3. @Paul: I must say, I’ve never given much thought to this. It must be common or they wouldn’t have charged 25 since September.

    @AMM: How much DNA could you pick up in a common assault? It does seem bad not to defend the passengers. What happened to Major’s passengers’ charter?

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