London Underground map in German/Londoner U-Bahn-Plan auf deutsch

This is an old amusement, translating the stations on the London Underground into German.

It says Totenschinkenhofstra├če, but I can still hear Dick Lister saying ‘Tottenschinkenhofenstra├če’ in 1966.

Still, there’s more to translate now.

Got this from an interesting entry on London Underground maps in Catalogue Blog (by a librarian).

Annie writes:

bq. One of my favourite pieces on display at the Tate Modern is The Great Bear by Simon Patterson, 1992. The station names have been replaced by names of kings, philiosophers, footballers, engineers and other famous people in categories delineated by the tube lines. It’s difficult to distinguish the names on the picture on the Tate web-site, but DARE Artists’ Gallery includes a close-up of the North-Central section.

I like that map too. I gave a copy to the IFA in Erlangen but it got lost in the secretaries’ office.

There are a couple of other excellent links there too.

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