German political and religious posters / Plakate

Anklicken zum Vergrößern.

Here are some pictures from Fürth that I’ve been meaning to post for some weeks now. Click to enlarge.


This poster seems to be saying too much at once. It seems to come from attac, an anti-globalization organization. What is the message? Germany did badly in the Pisa tests and isn’t spending enough on education, and it’s all Gerhard Schröder’s fault. But the Bild newspaper seems to be involved too.


Here’s a religious one, using the somewhat archaic rufet instead of ruft (God is calling), but incorporating a capitalization error (Sonntags/Mittwochs for sonntags/mittwochs) and a hyphenization one (Baptisten Gemeinde).


Finally, this car sticker is directed against the extension of shop opening hours: Without Sunday there would only be weekdays (and vice versa, I imagine).

2 thoughts on “German political and religious posters / Plakate

  1. Great pictures (and a great blog in general!). Political campaign signs might also be really interesting for your international readers (particularly from the U.S.). This is, of course, partly a self-interested suggestion: I taught an introduction to politics course for a few years in which I had a section on comparative electioneering. Some fresh graphic evidence would have helped out!

  2. Brett: Thank you – your name is familiar! You might try my earlier entries of August 15 and August 31 2003 and May 22 2004 (the latter is a brochure).

    I will keep my eyes peeled for elections.

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