Laweye – international business law

Seiten zur “neuen lex mercatoria” an der Uni Köln.

The Juristisches Internetprojekt Saarbrücken’s link of the week this week was LawEye.

They link to Central, the Center for Transnational Law at the University of Cologne. The subject is what they call the new lex mercatoria or law merchant. One of a number of linked sites is LawEye, in English, intended as a page to start research into international commercial law.

There are a number of useful links there. Via ‘Legal Miscellanea’ I found

bq. Juristische Linkseite Koch & Felix, Reinach, CH. Site features include Swiss Law Search, a useful research tool (German).

That looks excellent. Swiss law is one of those black holes when it comes to translating it into English. Here is the Swiss Law Search page.

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