Scots language on Scottish parliament website/Schottisches Dialekt auf Webseiten des schottischen Parlaments

I found this via the Usenet group sci.lang (which I don’t usually read). I’ve classified this entry as ‘English language’, but some of those linguistics buffs would not agree:

bq. Walcome til the Scottish Pairlament wabsite

bq. The Scottish Pairlament is here for tae represent aw Scotland’s folk.

bq. We want tae mak siccar that as mony folk as can is able tae find oot aboot whit the Scottish Pairlament dis and whit wey it warks. We hae producit information anent the Pairlament in a reenge o different leids tae help ye tae find oot mair.

bq. This section o wir wabsite introduces ye til the information that is tae haun on wir wabsite in Scots.

bq. Gettin involvit in the Scottish Pairlament

bq. We hae producit a publication cried “Makkin Yer Voice Heard in the Scottish Pairlament” that tells ye aboot the different weys that you can let the Pairlament and the Memmers o the Scottish Pairlament (MSPs) ken whit ye think.

They have Gaelic too, with pictures, and Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali and others – and Catalan.

From the section Makkin yer voice heard in the Scottish Pairlament (‘Whit for..?’, ‘Hoo…?’), there’s link to a glossary of parliamentary terminology (‘A wheen words explainit’). I like the sederunt here, although my Scots legal glossary – Butterworths – says sederunt means something else: ‘they sat; an attendance list, usually incorporated in the minutes of a meeting’:

bq. Surgery The regular sederunts hauden by MSPs in their constituency or region in a local place sic as a community ha, a library or a supermercat. Ye can gang til thir meetins tae discuss issues that concerns ye wi yer MSPs.

2 thoughts on “Scots language on Scottish parliament website/Schottisches Dialekt auf Webseiten des schottischen Parlaments

  1. Now I see. I had forgotten about The Register – must get a feed.
    A few years ago a colleague from Northern Ireland showed me a government job advertisement from the paper in Ulster Scots. I imagine there must be some of that online somewhere. I think this ad was in response to a number of ads placed in Northern Irish papers in Erse.

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