Deutsche Welle pages in Klingon/Deutsche Welle auf Klingonisch

Deutsche Welle hat ab 13. September als 31. Sprache Klingonisch hinzugefügt. Hier die Startseite. Es gibt einige weitere Links zum Erlernen der Sprache und auch ein Quiz.

Deutsche Welle’s Klingon pages have links to German and ‘English’ versions (‘How do the Klingons call themselves?’)

If you highlight a word in the text, Mr Klingon will translate it into English or German for you. It’s difficult to decide which word to click on, as they’re all unfamiliar. A guide to Germany for Klingons:

bq. Germany is a country located in sector 001 of the planet Earth. Its traditions, stunning landscape and international flair make it an attractive holiday destination for Klingons and other extraterrestrial life forms.

bq. About 82 million people live in the country that calls itself the land of the “poets and philosophers.” [US punctuation. Btw, who do they mean – Biermann and Sloterdyk?] The natives speak German, but with more than 7 million people from other countries living in the Federal Republic of Germany, a variety of other languages are also spoken.

Incidentally, Deutsche Welle is holding a weblog competition at the moment, or possibly from September 17th: in seven languages and eleven categories, a worldwide competition.

Thanks to Trevor, who got it from Ananova. I didn’t manage to find the audio clips Ananova referred to. And Ananova talks about DW ‘broadcasting’ in Klingon, says the ‘show’ is popular, but that seems to be a misconception – these are just webpages in Klingon.

6 thoughts on “Deutsche Welle pages in Klingon/Deutsche Welle auf Klingonisch

  1. According to this Deutsche Welle, the main languages for the competition are Arabic, Chinese, German, English, Russian, Portuguese or Spanish… Where’s French? And Italian?

    Isabella (puzzled)

  2. Isabella, I really must look at the details of that competition. Weblog competitions usually irritate me, though. They seem to be making a vague gesture in the direction of the most widely spoken languages, in which case they should throw out German and introduce Hindi/Urdu (are they similar?) and Bengali, judging from this list:

    I wonder what the world’s most widely weblogged languages are? Portuguese seems quite frequent in the narrow range I look at, but so does Italian.

  3. You can see my latest photos of the cast members of the original Star Trek series on my blog (“My Album”). My wife and I were guests at the big Hollywood tribute to James Doohan (a fellow Canadian, as is William Shatner).

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