University of Munich/”University of Munich”

According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, via Alexander Hartmann’s jurabilis, there are plans of merging the Ludwig-Maximilian Universität München and the Technische Universität München and calling the result the University of Munich. Not, you understand, die Universität München.

5 thoughts on “University of Munich/”University of Munich”

  1. Why not just go the whole hog and rename the country from Deutschland to “Tschermanee”? Hell…why not just let’s all speak English with a few quirks and forget German period. It would save all this faffing around with the spelling reform.


  2. It seems that all the obvious German names are already taken! I think it’s very amusing when you consider the discussions about foreigners dictating names, in connection with Beijing, Ivory Coast and so on. It’s different in Germany – people in Braunschweig are desperately trying to hang on to Brunswick.

  3. The fusion sounds fashionably Western, practical and maybe cost-cutting. ‘Munich High School’ would be even trendier for American consumption and keep closer to the Hochschule concept.

  4. I just had to translate a preface written by a professor at Universität München. I translated it as ‘University of Munich’. I know these names don’t have to be translated, but if they create a University of Munich, that will put a stop to it altogether!

  5. Yes! Evisage/envision(AE)the students of the Anglicis/zed-Americanis/zed insitution wearing McDonalds party-hats and the lecturers telling the students to ‘Have a Nice Day!’ and ‘Enjoy Your Class/Seminar!’ – without or without pickle and onions.

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