EU dialogue with citizens website/EU-Webseiten: Dialog mit den Bürgern

There’s an EU portal now for EU dialogue with citizens, reports What’s new on the UK legal Web?
A large number of factsheets are available to download, and they can also be ordered by post. Thus I can select: recognition of qualifications, Germany, lawyers, in English. Here’s only part of it:

bq. Directive 98/5/EC (OJ No L 77 of 14 March 1998) gives all lawyers qualified to practise in another Member State in one of the capacities listed in Article 1 the right to practise in another Member State on a permanent basis, using the professional title gained in the home Member State. Under certain conditions, Member States can exclude some activities, such as the administration of estates of deceased persons and the creation or transfer of interests in land. Lawyers practising under their home-country professional title may, inter alia, give advice on the law of their home Member State, Community law, international law and the law of the host Member State. They must comply with the professional and ethical rules of both the host Member State and their home state. When representing clients in legal proceedings the host Member State may require lawyers practising under their home-country professional titles to work in conjunction with local lawyers who practise before the judicial authority in question.

And I can vary the main topic, subtopic and language.

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