Lola Paltinger Bavarian fashions/Lola Paltinger Lollipop und Alpenrock

For those wondering about appropriate clothing for the Oktoberfest, look at the pictures at Lola Paltinger’s website – (apparently links are discouraged). You can even order online, albeit only T-shirts – but what T-shirts!

4 thoughts on “Lola Paltinger Bavarian fashions/Lola Paltinger Lollipop und Alpenrock

  1. Hi Margaret

    The link to the website doesn’t seem to work. Is there maybe an error in the URL? I’d be interested to see it.


  2. Thanks for pointing that out, Paul. I can’t seem to correct it – you should enter or – even www. doesn’t hurt. I can’t work out what’s going wrong.
    I really like what she has done with dirndls and lederhosen – didn’t really look at the men’s fashions, though.

  3. I’ve removed the picture, because I didn’t have permission. I thought it would be OK because it’s advertising. A mail to the webmaster produced the following result:
    Delivery failed
    User’s mailbox quota exceeded

    I suspect they’re overwhelmed by recent interest.

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