Roundabout opened in Ehningen/Kreisverkehr in Ehningen geöffnet


I’ve written before about the increasing number of roundabouts here, and here is a flyer from Ehningen near Stuttgart showing a grand opening. Click to enlarge.

There is a better copy of the same picture with a different text here.
– Actually, it’s the same text. But it lacks the header of the flyer.
Thanks for my fellow-translator Paul Thomas, once of Bristol, but now of Ehningen.

One thought on “Roundabout opened in Ehningen/Kreisverkehr in Ehningen geöffnet

  1. I like roundabouts, but am always amazed when they are built in Germany a) on hills and b) with zebra crossings. Hills cause a problem in icy weather and the zebra crossings mean that you have to give way on the roundabout – thereby creating chaos.

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