Spelling book aims for high sales

Lynne Truss’ publishers have now published Vivian Cook’s ‘Accomodating Brocolli in the Cemetary or why can’t anybody spell?’ (I pasted that. I can’t be bothered to misspell). Amazon.co.uk already has a five-star review, containing the word ‘recieved’. I wonder if there are any spelling mistakes in the book? Spelling test available on author’s website, but it doesn’t tell you your score, although it’s a very easy test.

I tried to find if Mike Elton had been bribed to write this review. A Mike Elton also wrote in praise of Eats, Shoots and Leaves, including one punctuation error. And there is a list of favourites by ‘Mike Elton, 12 year old reading fanatic’.

(Via Eamonn Fitzgerald)

2 thoughts on “Spelling book aims for high sales

  1. Thanks, Isabella. I might blog it, but I should do some work now! I saw a couple of old chestnuts in the review. I suspect it was better left unbought.

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