St. Jerome’s Day/Hieronymustag

Last Sunday was apparently the European Day of Languages, which has been taking place (in great secrecy) since 2001. I did mention it last year, but I decided it wasn’t really correct to publicize something that doesn’t publicize itself.

Today is St. Jerome’s Day, he being regarded by some as the patron saint of translators. I see Robin Stocks did the honours with a picture (fortunately not the same as the one I posted last year).

Now, however, I have received a email from a fellow-translator, who is unknown to me and shall be nameless:

To translate is to love languages,
to love communication,
and to help the world communicate.

bq. Receive my best wishes on this special day.

This is followed by six lines of address, phone, fax and website details. I suppose if this were sent to clients they would be totally mystified.

I’m not sure if there are St. Jerome’s Day events going on. I looked at the BDÜ list of events, and there was nothing. And all the events were followed by a link for more details – the top screen didn’t show the locations, though, and I couldn’t be bothered to click on all the links to see if there’s anything coming up in an interesting place.

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