My hero, my solicitor / Mein Held, mein Anwalt


Anfang September 2004 startete der Law Society of England and Wales, die Anwaltskammer für Solicitor, eine Werbekampagne mit dem Spruch “My hero, my solicitor“. Das kann nur schiefgehen!

Die drei Plakate kann man als PDF-Dateien sehen, wenn man auf die PDF-Icons unter dem Link oben klickt.

At the beginning of September 2004, the Law Society of England and Wales, the solicitors’ professional body, started a pilot advertising campaign with the slogan ‘My hero, my solicitor‘. The Law Society wrote:

bq. The ads will appear at London Bridge and Euston underground stations, and York, Leamington Spa and Newcastle-upon-Tyne mainline stations for four weeks from 6 September or 13 September.
In market research, 73% of those questioned found the ads believable and seven out of ten said they were helpful in telling people how to find a solicitor. A wider campaign may follow the pilot.

There are three posters, one for business law, one for employment law, and one for family law (see PDF files at above link). They’re a bit multicultural – is it harder to imagine a black or Chinese solicitor not caring?

The campaign was used by the Observer as the introduction to a story on complaints against solicitors yesterday, and no doubt it will provide many more happy associations of this kind.

2 thoughts on “My hero, my solicitor / Mein Held, mein Anwalt

  1. A(n)hilarious advertising intitiative.

    Methinks David Smith also received negligent advice from the Law Society on accepting the paltry sum of GBP 250 compensation.

    If his original Solicitor’s Legal Opinion OR Barrister’s/Counsel’s Opinion was negligent, then he should have instructed another firm of Solicitors to sue either of them for the full amount of damages he should have received. The method of quantifying damages using Kemp & Kemp or McGregor on Damages is well-known to tort i.e. personal injury litigation lawyers.

    Both sets of lawyers – unless professionally unqualified – should be carrying professional indemnity insurance to cover such claims.

  2. Yes, I thought that was rather bizarre. I suspect there was some reason he couldn’t sue the original solicitors. Why he got only £250 we also don’t know. I doubt we’ll ever hear the full story from both sides. I suppose readers’ letters next week might contain something.

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