Perfect machine translation/Native speakers recognize themselves

Einwandfreie englische Computer-Übersetzung.

Professor Lenz comments on my OneLook entry:

bq. Okay, this is off topic, but it might be of interest to note for you that the problem of computer translations has finally been solved completely and anyone can now get perfect English translations here. (Found at

It looks surprisingly good, although I must admit it’s not my direction. It does other languages too, including Greek.

Meanwhile, another comment under ‘Mother tongue standard’ establishes that the way to tell if you’re a native speaker is if you know it yourself:

bq. It is very hard to define native competence. In fact, it’s a quality that only the person in question knows for sure whether he or she has it or not.

Two huge translation problems solved, with the help of comments! I’ve had so much comment spam this week, but it’s been worth keeping comments open.

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