Ravens at the Tower of London

Here are some photos of ravens at the Tower of London, taken in June. They would rather be frightened off a mountain by Trevor, I’m sure. You’re not supposed to feed them, but they don’t know that.
That’s a juvenile starling in the top picture.
They are called an unkindness of ravens (as opposed to a murder of crows), as we learnt at junior school.

LATER NOTE: In the comments, Abnu informs me of a post on the subject of collective nouns with further links.




3 thoughts on “Ravens at the Tower of London

  1. Learnt at junior school? Dearest Margaret, I thought you might pretend to recall that you herd that on Wordlab, where I wrote, “There’s the unkindness of ravens and a murder of crows.” I was hoping and praying that, someday, you might find occasion to link to such a clever post. Here, that day came and went, with photographs no less, and you favoured Francis Strand with your link love, whilst I grovel for the crumbs of your attention in the comments thread.

  2. Hmm, what is this – Canadian comment spam – so where are the cheap pharmaceuticals?
    Very witty post, Abnu. I may go for the pangram one some time when the German typing pangram involving Bismarck comes back to mind.

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