Sorting of rubbish /Mülltrennung

Sometimes I think the sorting of rubbish has gone too far in this country.


3 thoughts on “Sorting of rubbish /Mülltrennung

  1. Perhaps they don’t like the sausage or perhaps the bread? I’m guessing the establishment is called “Hot Dog”? Or maybe it’s designed for those rather rare people who collect doggie “waste” in plastic bags. – why does it still have to be fresh and steaming though? Do they empty the bin that often?


  2. When they built the underground under the road here, they placed this huge kiosk to hide a ventilation shaft. I can’t help feeling the ventilation shaft would have been less obstructive. It has wooden sides and sells hot dogs. You can see the bin is quite clean and small, and you can see the wooden wall behind it. I suppose people put their serviettes in there. Any other hot dog waste would be cleared up by the pigeons. This notice is like the Kirchweih ones, warning people not to use it as a public rubbish bin at the expense of the hot dog woman.

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