Franz Kafka pen / Franz Kafka Schreibset


Somehow I don’t associate Franz Kafka with Mont Blanc pens (seen in Nürnberg today). The ballpoint is particularly snazzy and they have Kafka’s elegant signature on the end.

Could this be the beginning of a trend? Franz Kafka butter toffees, Franz Kafka cheese spread, Franz Kafka barbecue tongs. Franz Kafka laptop case, Franz Kafka beach ball.

2 thoughts on “Franz Kafka pen / Franz Kafka Schreibset

  1. Funny, I bought a Franz Kafka eraser in Prague this weekend (and a book about Dora Diamant, his last lover, because I was feeling guilty about the eraser).

  2. I think I saw a review of the book about Diamant. A Franz Kafka eraser (is this the PC term for a rubber?) sounds like a must-have item, as long as it doesn’t erase Kafka.

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