German words for numbers / zehn Sexdezilliarden

Here is a page where you can enter numbers in figures and see the German words. It starts with a box telling you the name for 1 plus 1, 2, 3 etc. noughts. One hundred noughts is zehn Sexdezilliarden or a Googol.

There is more to Arndt Brünner’s mathematical scripts than meets the eye or the brain, at least mine, although readers of a mathematical (philosophical, linguistic) bent may see it otherwise. Small arrows are links to other pages, at all events.

Hier kann man mit sehr großen Zahlen rechnen und sich dann die Zahlwörter für die Ergebnisse anzeigen lassen.
Here you can calculate with very large numbers and have the results shown as words.

Something like this must exist in English, but I am too thick to find it. Here are some words to think about maths, though: ABC Mathematics.
(Thanks to Andrea on the jur_Übs list at Yahoo)

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