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The current issue of Legal IT has an article on weblogs, especially weblogs for lawyers, by Joy London, of the always interesting blawg excited utterances. Joy works for Allen & Overy in knowledge and training management, so she calls herself a klogger, but because it’s legal KM she does, she feels closest to law blogs. She writes:

bq. When I created my blawg in May 2002, it was initially a way to manage the huge volume of web-based information I collected on law firm knowledge management. Most blawgs then online focused on law technology, and how to use it to organise and archive legal information. In law firms, this can mean piles of documents, which typically lie so buried in ancient redwells, that partners prefer to dispatch associates to recreate relevant memoranda or briefs overnight. My blawg archives expanded quickly, even though I had decided from the outset to keep my focus narrow.

Collecting information was one of my main aims too. I don’t think my categories are precise enough (if you click on a category under an entry on the front page of Transblawg, you will get a page with all entries in that category), and I haven’t found time to put in enough input of my own – I spend most of my bandwidth giving links rather than discussing legal translation. And I too was surprised to find myself part of a network of other blogs interested in the same sorts of information.

Joy has a list of her favourite blogs at the end, and I’m extremely flattered to find myself in it. Most of those blogs are KM blogs.

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