German statutes in English online

There are two good sites to find links to online English translations of German statutes. One is the German Law Archive, run by Gerhard Dannemann, and the other is Carob, Robin Stocks’ weblog (click at the top right).

However, if they haven’t got a particular statute, a translation may still be out there. It might be worth doing some dedicated searching, if it weren’t for the fact that one doesn’t always want them, and they aren’t always much ehlp. This week, I found a translation of the Völkerstrafgesetzbuch.

Meanwhile, the German Federal Ministry of Justice had simply dropped the English part of its website (can be traced at the old website via a Google site search, if you know what you’re looking for). Now Professor Dannemann has got their permission to post five BMJ translations in the German Law Archive: StGB, StPO, DRiG, InsO (2004) and VöStGB. And he also recommends this link for translations of a number of statutes on employment law.

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