Glasgow Christmas stall in Nuremberg/Glasgow beim Christkindlesmarkt

Armin shows a picture of the German Christmas market in Glasgow, so here is the Glasgow Christmas stall at the Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg.




This is on a separate square with stands from all Nuremberg’s twin towns: Prague, Venice, Gera, Atlanta, San Carlos, Krakow, Kavala, Shen Zhen, Kharkov, Antalya, Skopje, Nice, and Hadera. I also saw Limoges – maybe the Fürth connection.

2 thoughts on “Glasgow Christmas stall in Nuremberg/Glasgow beim Christkindlesmarkt

  1. That looks like a lot of shortbread and some preserves. Possibly some oatcakes as well. Some honey bottom left?

    And what do my eyes spot there on the left? A familiar looking sailor? Bunnahabhain! Oh, and there’s a green bottle towards the right? Ardbeg! Islay whisky is everywhere!

    I think I need a wee dram as well!

  2. I see you have the eye for these things!
    I have added a third photo, but not even the originals reveal a lot. They said they had sold out of haggis, which I thought was a bad show on December 9th, and I didn’t fancy the vegetarian one.

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