E-Quill / Digitaler Füller und Papier

For those who still remember how to write with a pen on paper, www.covelus.com offers a system where you send a handwritten page to an email address and it is there converted into electronic text.

The system seems specifically designed for time-costing, since it records exactly how long a lawyer spends writing. There is a press release and apparently evaluation kits are available, but the system remains mysterious to me.

bq. As end-to-end solutions providers, Covelus make digital pen and paper applications based on Anoto functionality – an open service software platform which allows users to write with pen and paper, whilst transferring this written information to any particular environment such as a back office database or web portal.

This is from Richard Susskind’s article on gizmos for lawyers at Times Online (Tuesday legal round-up – free registration required).

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