Many thanks to f/k/a…. for giving me my own haiku.

bq. for Margaret Marks von Transblawg

bq. new year’s fog
she washes
all the windows
– Pamela Miller Ness Haiku Troubadours 2000

If any of my neighbours are watching this, I’d like to point out that there was no way David Giacalone could have known this was a sensitive topic, and that I intend to have cleaned them all by 31 December 2005.

3 thoughts on “Haiku

  1. Who can account for haiku serendipity? Sometimes, even the unaimed arrow hits its mark. [I just got a big smile thinking about the dirty-windows-cross-examination scene in the movie “Cousin Vinnie.” You don’t live next door to the Sack-O-Suds do you, Margaret?]

  2. Serendipity? The next thing I know, you’ll be thinking this is funny!
    No, I don’t know that film. I’m dealing with six pairs of 1906 double windows, i.e. four surfaces when you open them, 2 metres high and glued to with paint in places – to say nothing of six larger modern windows and one balcony door, all facing to the back.

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