Appetites on John Grisham

I have links to some food blogs on my index page. There are at least two lawyer food blogs: The Amateur Gourmet, which started as a law student’s blog, and Appetites, in which Robert D. Peyton concentrates on restaurant reviews and recipes in New Orleans.

Appetites has just had an entry, for once not on food, but on John Grisham. I would support his view on the novels: A Time to Kill is excellent, The Firm is very good in parts, and the others are not so memorable (I seem to remember getting bored with the denouement always meaning sending someone away on a witness protection programme).

The topic of the article is the conflict between Grisham’s support of a lawsuit against Oliver Stone because a film of his was claimed to have inspired a crime, and the content of some of Grisham’s own novels. This is in the context of a New York Times article on Grisham:

bq. The gist of the NYT article is that Grisham is a lucky guy who eats well, and doesn’t care about the Atkins craze. He writes one book a year, and lives like a king. May we all be so lucky. I found myself admiring the guy for ordering what he wants, for being relatively humble about the source of his success, and for apparently being a mensch in general.

The entry closes with an apology and a link to a source of food blogs:

bq. Anyway, this is hopefully the last non-food related story I’ll write on this website. Apologies to anyone who came here from food porn watch looking for a recipe, or a restaurant review.

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