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My blog has had increased numbers of visitors recently. It looks as if I’m popular because people are looking for the answers to an Internet quiz. I’ve just had a look at the search words used to get here and counted 59 times in the past week or so permutations on “German twix”.

One of the comments on the entry Searching this site is this:

bq. Well, I can explain the ‘germany twix’ entries. There’s a site – – that is a rather elongated and confusing puzzle which involves extensive use of google. Your site is one of the first to pop up for puzzle #7, which features a twix bar and the message “times have changed in deutschland”. Maybe you mentioned a twix bar at some point. :P

The notpron link is to a page giving a choice of English or German and headed ‘The hardest riddle available on the internet’ and ‘since August 2004’ (and the following page asks you to use Internet Explorer):

bq. *Don’t give up too early, it’s damn hard
* It’s NOT a point a click thing
* Don’t try to get spoilers, or you won’t have fun (those who don’t cheat have weeks of immense fun with this)!
Feel free to use the “hints” section on this site. Just for the start, to get into this!

Presumably the German language has led to no queries because the answer to the Twix question is so well known in Germany.

Visitors who don’t come looking for “German twix” usually come looking for IKEA.

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