8 thoughts on “Pokia retro phones of the future

  1. Why would anyone want something like that Margaret? Not very “handy” is it? I’ve come to the conclusion that you can sell basically anything on eBay if you present it well enough. I came across a guy selling the MIG parked in his back garden the other day!



  2. I rather like them myself, Paul, although the problem is really the weight. I don’t think I’ll get any for that reason, but I must remember to take headphones with me. This is not a private E-Bay sale, it’s a company using this method to sell at shop prices.

  3. Margaret

    You can probably pick up one of those “proto-mobile phones” from the 80s that came in the form of suitcases with 10 lb batteries on eBay…..they may weigh a ton but, boy, are they eye-catchers……

    Paul :-)

  4. The eye-catcher element is the negative thing, and so is the weight. The attraction is using a decent receiver and getting the feeling you’re actually talking to someone, for us oldtimers, Paul.

  5. Ah Margaret…but I am also an “oldtimer”/old fart/alter knacker/crinkly/etc. …I reach the ripe old age of 50 this in 5 weeks time … i guess tastes differ….


  6. Well it feels like that to me personally Margaret, but, you are right, one is only as old as feels and acts.


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