Charles & Di mug conversion kit

Convert your Charles & Di wedding mug into a Charles & Camilla wedding mug – instructions at the anti-monarchy site Throne Out.

Found in the Guardian newsblog, which has entries on Charles & Camilla memorabilia. Another entry shows an Asda copy of Camilla’s engagement ring.

Steve Bell’s cartoon on the subject also features a mug, showing the two of them white-haired, wearing slippers and supporting themselves on walking frames.

4 thoughts on “Charles & Di mug conversion kit

  1. It’s really a problem how things come over.
    I don’t actually think Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells would necessarily be supporting Camilla, would he?
    I am not really anti-monarchist, but I do tend to regard the royal family as light relief in this weblog. I am quite in favour of Camilla. I think Prince Charles’s views on architecture are a bad thing, though. As for wishing to replace them with Richard von Weiszäcker or Horst Köhler, I don’t feel a strong need, no.

  2. It was slightly nicer than the original, or at least than the original looked in the photo, I thought. And to paraphrase a rather rude commenter, those were surely Camilla’s fingers!

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