Webcam fängt Serieneinbrecher

BBC News berichtet, dass ein Serieneinbrecher über ein Webcam identifiziert wurde. Er hat zwar den Rechner auch gestohlen, aber die Bilder wurden automatisch an eine E-Mail-Adresse weitergeleitet. (Mit Bildern)

bq. Magistrates heard Park, who has more than 13 previous convictions for theft, had stolen computer equipment and other property with a value of nearly £4,000 from Mr Grisby’s study.

bq. He committed the offence in February while on bail after being charged with an attempted burglary in Ely, Cambridgeshire, in August.

bq. “The webcam made our job really easy,” added DS Page. “It was a pleasure to show him the pictures and see his expression when we interviewed him.”

(Via a comment from Anna K. on Desbladet)

3 thoughts on “Webcam fängt Serieneinbrecher

  1. That’s wonderful Margaret. If you’d like to view my webcam, point your Micro$oft IE to:

    I’m afraid it only works under Internet Explorer and just shows a view out of my office window… may be of interest to someone …but perhaps not everyone’s “cup of tea”


  2. Hi Paul. Sorry not to react sooner. I looked at your webcam immediately I read about it yesterday morning. I saw a snowy street in Baden-Württemberg (and again now). I was disappointed not to see you out there shovelling snow, of course. Great technology though. I then had to go to Erlangen and by the time I came back I’d forgotten all about you!

  3. Thanks for the feedback Margaret. I’m glad you were able to view it. Several others can’t access it. Must be a Micro$oft IE issue. I’m afraid you’ll never see me shovelling snow …we have a Hausmeister/outsourced team of snow shovellers who can be extremely loud at 5:30 in the morning …but I shall not complain …it would be too “German”. I set it up mainly for a colleague and his wife who used to live here and have now relocated to sunny Spain (to where I shall hopefully also relocate in a few years too). To them it’s quite a shock now…snow has only ever been seen in that part of Andalusia this year …last time was about 25 years ago I believe.
    Keep on peeking in … you might see something interesting one day.

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