Snow / Schnee


Six o’clock this evening. The snow doesn’t usually settle, but here it’s still snowing.

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  1. Thanks. This is just outside the house where I live and taken leaning the camera against a lamp-post. It’s just as well I took it, because today all the snow had been shovelled away. Unfortunately the houses appear to have a list. Attempts with the built-in correction feature (who needs Linhof?) and by simply turning the photo did not look good.
    In the middle distance is a pretzel booth, and to the right a fountain showing not the Three Wise Men, but the three former rulers of Fürth (Prince-Bishop of Bamberg, Margrave of Ansbach and (the imperial city of?) Nürnberg.

  2. Re: in dubio re o???

    Please let me know where the “o” comes from in
    the deklinatiom of the word “RES” = Thing in English and Sache in German, is:
    Nominativus Singl.= RES
    Genetivus ” = REI
    Dativus ” = REI
    Accusativus ” = REM
    Ablativus ” = RE(no “O” !!)
    Proper Latin should be: IN DUBIO PRO RE (pro with Ablativus !!)
    I would be obliged, if you can find for me whether this vowel o is an extra grammatical grant to the juristic faculty.
    Thank you very much,
    Your truly
    Werner Dahnz

    • Well, this is not res, but it is the adjective reus, which means evil or wicked or bad. So reus is used as a noun, the bad person / the criminal, and that explains the masculine ablative.

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