Understanding CeBIT

Siemens paid for Gizmodo’s flight to CeBIT and hotel there. Gizmodo on arrival at CeBIT:

bq. Did you know that the famed German sausages are really just giant hot dogs covered in a curry?

Let’s hope the gadget reports are more accurate. But worryingly, a picture by Joel of Gizmodo showing a Chrysler convertible done up as a German emergency doctor’s vehicle, suggests some confusion among Americans of emergency doctor (Notarzt) and notary (Notar) – compounded by the confusion of a German notary with a U.S. notary public.

bq. assuming “Notarzt” means “emergency,” unless Germany has a pressing need for on-call notary public services.


So be careful if you’re in Germany and want to have something certified – go to the parish office, not the notary, and don’t call out the emergency doctor either – you may find yourself with no will but a stiff bill to pay.

Thanks to Abnu of Wordlab for the tip.

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