Ants not included/Ameisenfarm


Unlike conventional ant farms, this one is virtually transparent.

bq. Watch ants live, work and tunnel in the nutritious and non-toxic gel as they create series upon series of intricate tunnels. Easy to care for – Ants need NO food or water. The case is 6.5″x 5.5″x 1.25″.

bq. Antworks Includes:
– Case and gel
– Magnifying glass
– Ant catching/tunnel starting tool
– Instruction booklet with interesting facts about ants.

‘Interesting facts about ants’ recalls E.L. Wisty.

What happens when they eat all the gel – do you squirt some more on them?

Via Boing Boing‘s ads.

LATER NOTE: a webcam of a traditional ant farm at Steve’s Ant Farm. It looks as if this is a web designer’s site and he has chosen the topic for a sample fictitious website.

6 thoughts on “Ants not included/Ameisenfarm

  1. Semms very cheap Margret
    Someone is offering this on eBay for € 62 ….. C”an’t” you catch your own ants though? Why do you have to buy them?


  2. Paul: I don’t think you have to buy them. It does include an ant-catching tool. I have added a link to a webcam and when I was looking around I found place s that would send you ants in a couple of weeks if you really wanted them.
    Is the one on eBay more expensive because it’s available in Europe? That would save you duties and postage from the USA.

  3. Well no Margaret …it’s from a dealer in Austria and shipping to Germany will set you back another € 15 or € 20 for insured shipping. No doubt though that the Zollamt would charge you another € 20 Einfuhrumsatzsteuer if importing from the States and it’s not clear whether the people in the States ship to Europe. I think I’ll just observe the ants that populate my balcony and door sill in the summer – cheaper……and probably nicer for the poor old ants .. I think they get a pretty raw deal out of life anyway….so I won’t be supporting trapping them in an alien-looking blue gel





  4. Paul: Just as well you never even remotely considered getting one then. Actually when I was at junior school I wanted to be an entomologist. Now I realize it would have been a good idea.
    If you are going to move to Spain in your old age, maybe you could have a termite hill in the garden.

    Trevor: That was meant slightly facetiously, as far as I remember. Perhaps I should have used a smiley? |:[‘

  5. I most certainly will Margaret – they are everywhere – who needs Biomüll when you just leave your scraps on the ground overnight…… (just joking)


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