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While I’m busy elsewhere, here are some more parasitical offerings:

Babelport: There’s a new translation portal out, Babelport. I didn’t bother to look at it at first because these things are springing up like nobody’s business, but I’ve already seen a reference to its price calculator that sounded interesting and Céline of Naked Translations speaks well of it. She also locates another translator’s blog, linguatransl_blog, by Inka-Maria Kunz (be careful – it’s very pink).

Babelport was founded by Christian von Hansel – sorry, that should be Christian V. Hansel (clever middle initial there), who tries his hand at answering a legal translation question (EN>DE ‘void where prohibited by law’). It seems, alas, to have some kind of points system like ProZ.

OPML file for translation blogs: OPML file for translation blogs: Sonja of Translator’s Blog has created an OPML file containing the RSS feeds for several translators’ blogs.

Joi Ito on translation: Michael of Translate This! says Joi Ito’s blog is now available in Japanese too. He comments on Joi Ito’s remarks on payment for translations. In the comments, Joi Ito says the best things in life are free!

8 thoughts on “Links roundup

  1. Yes, I saw you in my referrers and I had a guilty conscience about the ‘pink’ remark! Looks interesting but I have to work today.

  2. I really like the fact that it collects news from the translation industry and already has a lot of interesting articles by translators, but like you, I detest the points system and, most of all, the bidding system. So, good and bad, it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  3. Thanks very much for those two links, Céline. I was just going to go to your blog and comment there! This excellent blog by Inka-Maria has a lot of her own input and it now has an interview with the Babelport man. His wife is a translator. I don’t like the sound of agencies ranking translators. If translators rate agencies, it’s just IMO whether they pay or not. Will this ‘ranking’ (sounds like a set of grades from A to F) of translators be based on other criteria?

  4. Just read about the ranking translators bit, and that is worrying. Payment or no payment is a straightforward criteria to rate agencies. Quality of translation is a lot more difficult to assess, and I’m not sure agencies will be willing to follow a strict and fair evaluation system (implemented and checked by whom?).

    And I think it was my turn to finally spot new sites before you, I’ve discovered so many sites thanks to you and I’m pleased to be returning the favour :)

  5. hi girls, ranking no matter by whom does not really help the industry even though Chris thinks it adds some transperancy (i agree). we need to become VISIBLE as translator so that our work gets appreciated more and non-payment by crooks becomes less an issue. joi’s comment on his blog is very typical for the general downgrading of our work! keep up the good work, inkamaria ;o)

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