Choir with a Q

I’m glad I’ve got BBC World on this new digital cable service, because at least their reporters know who the people are arriving at Camilla and Charles’ wedding. It frees me from those long tracking shots accompanied by silence or irrelevancies.

But I have just heard for the umpteenth time, ‘This is the quire of St. George’s Chapel – quire with a q, confusingly, where the choir sing’.

I know the spelling quire is not incorrect for part of the building, but it’s very rare, isn’t it? Where do these people get their educations?

I’ve just looked at Collins English Dictionary and it says ‘quire: archaic spelling’. At first I thought that maybe the royal family are being silly and insist on the spelling, but Google doesn’t bear me out.

By the way, I heard about the clash with the Pope’s funeral, but not about the Grand National.

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