Last wishes

Final Partings makes it possible, in return for a few shekels, for you to leave emails or snail mails to your nearest and dearest for them to receive after your death (via Wordlab, which also links to a lawyer’s brief article on where your emails go after you die).

bq. To retrieve a message:
1) You must mail to Final Partings a Certified copy of the message writer’s Death Certificate along with a Notarized copy of the “Retrieval Document”
2) Once we receive the above documents the message will be released via email or postal mail.
Important Security Guarantee: At no time can anyone at Final Partings open your messages, the writer and the intended recipient are the only persons that have access to the key required to open the messages.

This statement: ‘You may send a message to a distant old friend or to a loved one close by. Imagine the emotional relief of knowing that your message will be shared in private to the right person at the right time’ immediately makes me think of the distant old enemy or the less loved one close by.

The problem is: how do I find out whether everything went according to plan?

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  1. This sounds like the ideal cash cow Margaret. Indeed – absolutely no comebacks. Why didn’t I think of this?

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