Wer hat diese E-Mail bekommen?

Has anyone else received this email? I have had it twice in four days. It is from a complete stranger, despite the use of my Christian name and the du. Apparently she has been a “freischaffende Künstlerin” for the past ten years:

bq. Hallo liebe Margaret,

bq. wie sieht bei dir die Auftragslage und die Bezahlung aus? Bist du auch so
gefrustet von den derzeitigen Dumpingpreisen?
Hast du eine gute Kundenaquise?
Ich leider nicht.
Deshalb schreibe ich dich an. Solltest du entgegen meiner schlechten
Auftragslage ein Überangebot an Aufträgen haben, würde ich mich freuen,
Aufgaben zu übernehmen.

bq. Ansonsten habe ich mich um eine Nebentätigkeit gekümmert, die sehr
vielversprechend ist, im Normalfall allerdings nichts mit Übersetzungen zu
tun hat. Dazu benötige ich allerdings noch gute Mitarbeiter, um dieses
Geschäft hauptberuflich ausüben zu können.

bq. Wärst du daran interessiert, mehr darüber zu erfahren, wenn diese Tätigkeit
zeitlich bei dir passt?
Dann ruf mich doch einfach mal an oder mail mir deine Tel. Nr., damit ich
dich anrufen kann.

4 thoughts on “Spam

  1. I would not really call this spam per se, but more like a desperate call for help.

    I don’t get it: I am busier than ever before, which means that the German-English market is extremely good and running at full steam. It is safe to assume, therefore, that there is plenty of work for ALL German-English translators out there. So anyone who’s experiencing slow or no business at all has only himself or herself to blame and should take that as a sign that he or she may not be cut out to be a translator.

    He or she probably does not have any work right now because his/her past work was abysmal, which is why clients are not coming back.

    I would just disregard this email, block the sender and move on.

  2. Looks like a pyramid selling scam spam to me, Margaret. Germany’s got so many Ponzi schemes on the go at the moment, you’d have thought they’d been invented here (and no doubt somebody will claim they were….)

  3. Robin: yes, exactly. I certainly take it to be a pyramid scheme. What I was wondering was who else had been targeted, since it was apparently directed to translators.

  4. it’s spam! i’ve got one too the other day but for the life of me cannot remember what i did with it (probably just deleted it). there is more where this is coming from, i’ve had various spam_mails lately which apparently were aimed directly at translators…

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