Business and Hi-Tech Dictionary Project is a new site within Wordorigins:

bq. is a site aimed at collecting and publishing reference citations of slang and jargon used in high tech industries.

bq. The site is very much in “alpha” (to use a good high-tech word) form. There are currently only a handful of entries in the dictionary and the other content is also under development. The look and feel of the site will also probably change in coming months as I improve upon it.

bq. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Suggestions are welcome. And even more welcome would be submissions of citations of high-tech jargon and slang.

2 thoughts on “Business and Hi-Tech Dictionary Project

  1. I’d have thought that hitech jargon changes so rapidly that – unless innovators are paid several hours a week to contribute – this will by definition be a historical dictionary.

  2. It hasn’t really got off the ground yet – nothing very interesting in there. But if people took it up, it would at least be quicker than a paper dictionary to give help. Some of this jargon is encountered by translators on paper a year or two later, anyway.

    I suspect that some of the entries will be good but a Google search will remain the easiest way to research such terms.

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