Austrian Supreme Court of Justice English site/Obergerichtshof Österreich englische Website

Since the beginning of May, the Austrian Supreme Court of Justice has an English version of its website online. It looks good.

The site provides information inter alia on the history, function and personnel of the court and the Procurator General’s Office (Generalprokuratur) and access to judgments (which are in German).

Thanks for the information to Dr. Herbert Hopf, who is a judge at the court and also did the photos on the site.

2 thoughts on “Austrian Supreme Court of Justice English site/Obergerichtshof Österreich englische Website

  1. I agree that it does look good. Good translation into English as well, though I am miffed that I was not commissioned to do it.

    I also miss any ref. to the Finanzprokurator/ Procurator Fiscal – next door to my old digs in Vienna City Centre – and how the function of representing the Austrian Republic interfaces or not with the Generalprokurator/ Procurator General.

  2. I think we’ve been here before. See comments on September 2 2003.

    As far as I can see, the Generalprokuratur – and the Generalprokurator too – are by definition at the OGH, whereas the Finanzprokurator is not at the OGH. Both are important lawyers in the public prosecutor’s office, but the Finanzprokurator has more to do with financial matters.
    Doucet-Fleck has translations into French, but not quite parallel:
    GeneralprokuratOr: procureur général
    FinanzprokuratUr: ministère public parquet général de l`État
    but I don’t suppose that helps much.

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