Terminology Management and Terminology Extraction survey, Saarbrücken

The Department of Applied Linguistics at Saarland University at Saarbrücken is doing an online survey of translators’ and interpreters’ use of terminology management and terminology extraction tools. It can be done here and is supposed to take about ten minutes. It is all in English.

Some of the questions are accompanied by an explanation. The terminology extraction tools mentioned were these:

TermExtract (Trados)
TermFinder (Xerox)
TermFinder (Acrolinx)
Term Finder (SDL)
Autoterm (IAI)

I felt a bit odd answering in English because I felt it was being asked by non-native speakers. So I wrote ‘studentische Hilfskraft’ once rather than trying to explain it in English.

After I had done the test I got a message saying I would be taken back to the home page:

bq. Sie werden in wenigen Sekunden zur Startseite der Fachrichtung 4.6 weitergeleitet…You will be redirec

But I wasn’t, so I hope they got the answers. 77 people have answered so far. The results will be sent to me by email.

PS Does anyone know why the main page of the applied languages department at Saarbrücken is ‘sticky’? I kept entering the Transblawg URL and returning there, but after a few seconds Saarbrücken reinstituted itself. The trouble with those people is that they know too much about software.
LATER NOTE: I have edited my links and removed the problem.

3 thoughts on “Terminology Management and Terminology Extraction survey, Saarbrücken

  1. I have just filled in the survey. I think they made a mistake on their redirect page. It looks to me as if they forgot the end-tag of the HTML part (although it seems the site is genereated dynamically as it is a php file). Nevermind. I am pretty sure they got all the information okay.

  2. Well, there was indeed a mistake in the redirect page. I fixed it. Sorry about that.

    The survey is also available in German (see upper right corner for the language selection), versions in Spanish and French are in preparation.

    I hope that the English translation of the survey wasn’t too bad. It has been proof-read by a native speaker.

    But if you have any other suggestion concerning the survey, don’t hesitate…

    Thanks for your support.

  3. The translation was fine, as far as I remember. I can’t remember why I thought it was done by a German, but all I meant was that I thought it would be safer to use German terms if they weren’t easily translatable into English. That’s because I live in Germany and use German software.

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