Murderer caught via weblog

Deutscher Eintrag, Weblog entlarvt Mörder, bei Udo Vetter.

Sek Man Ng started his weblog in October 2002. On May 12 2005, the last entry finished like this:

bq. Anyway today has been weird, at 3 some guy ringed the bell. I went down and recognized it was my sister’s former boyfriend. He told me he wants to get his fishing poles back. I told him to wait downstair while I get them for him. While I was searching them, he is already in the house. He is still here right now, smoking, walking all around the house with his shoes on which btw I just washed the floor 2 days ago! Hopefully he will leave soon, oh yeah working on the jap report as we speak!

The ‘sister’s former boyfriend’ has now been charged with the murder of Ng and his sister just after this – the weblog confirmed his whereabouts.

English-language report here:

bq. Sam Cheung, a cousin of the Ngs, is still in disbelief.
“It’s unbelievable that it was one single guy!” said Cheung, 24. “He took two lives. How can one person do this?”

The trick is to do them consecutively, I believe.

5 thoughts on “Murderer caught via weblog

  1. Thanks for the link. That makes me wonder whether I should write something to be posted on my blog in the event of my death… have you thought about such an eventuality Margaret?

  2. This would make, I boldly conjecture, the worst episode of Columbo EVAR!

    Having been to Japan, however, I would remark that my response to an uninvited guest WEARING HIS SHOES IN THE HOUSE would involve a 3-digit summons to the police rather than a puzzled blog entry.

    You do NOT wear your shoes in the house in Japan. Not no-how and not never, and waiting to learn more about the exceptions to this exceptionless rule would not have engaged casual puzzlement.

  3. Céline, it’s a question of priorities. I thought of closing the entry with ‘Aarggh…’, but then I realized I’d have to describe somebody first. Actually, I heard some noises earlier and found an air gun pellet in my living room (there is a door that opens onto the pedestrian zone).
    But my weblog isn’t personal enough to work if I’m murdered.
    Des: he isn’t in Japan, he’s in New York neglecting his Japanese lessons, and too late for Columbo. He is learning Japanese so he can watch animes without subtitles.
    Here’s his other site btw:

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