5 thoughts on “Rotenburg an der Wümme – oder Fulda

  1. I think they ought to reward the guy for pointing out yet another vulnerability of the Windows operating system. Fine Microsoft and let Bill Gates do the time….

    Yours humbly


  2. Margaret: I followed the links – just not far enough. I think it was just the sentence “What is it about Rotenburg an der Wümme?” that threw me and the fact that my brain is addled from trying (pretty much in vain) to write in Swabian.

    Let’s be honest, I was just trying to find an angle to write “I used to have barbecues with Meiwes defence lawyer” once more…..

  3. Ah, now that’s another matter. What sort of meats did he put on the grill?

    I have decided it would not be a good idea for me to blog in French this week. Good luck with the Swabian.

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