Zompist Phrasebook

Desbladet informs us that the ‘legendary’ Zompist Phrasebook is now available in Dutch (Russian, Italian and Danish are there too):

bq. I wish to complain.
Gde kniga jalob?
Ho una lamentela.
Jeg protesterer.
Ik wil klacht indienen.

bq. It’s better in the States.
V Shtatakh luchshe.
Negli Stati Uniti lo facciamo meglio.
Det er bedre i staterne .
Het is beter in de Verenigde Staten.

bq. How much is that in real money?
A v den’gakh, skol’ko?
In veri soldi quanto sarebbe?
Hvor meget er det i rigtige penge?
Hoeveel is dat in echt geld?

I’m afraid I was totally ignorant of Zompist.

There are many other pages there, including They Thought You’d Say This: Unlikely phrases from real phrasebooks:

bq. Handbook of Gaelic Phrases and Sentences (1939) (supplied by James Campbell)

bq. Hand me that hat-box.
Sìn thugam am bòsdan sin

bq. You will get a candle on the table.
Gheibh sibh coinneal air a’ bhòrd

bq. We shall troll along the coast.
Ni sinn sgrìob suas ris a’ chladach

bq. Are you feeling spry to-day?.
A bheil sùrd math oirbh an diugh?

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