Eau de Trabant / Trabi-Duft

Today’s Independent has an article by Ruth Elkins on Ostalgie (Ostalgia):

bq. “Trabi Duft”, a tin of exhaust fumes from the ubiquitous East German car, is the latest in a seemingly unending line of “Ostalgie” products marketed since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Although many argue that the books, films, music, food and drink inspired by the defunct German Democratic Republic encourage a far too sentimental image of a regime which shot those who tried to escape it, the thirst for Ostalgie continues.

You can buy this and other ostalgia products at Osthits. I find myself taken to a site half-machine-translated. Unfortunately the site seems to be having problems, probably as a result of the recent publicity, so I will post some of their wonderful English another time.

Ein deutscher Artikel erschien in der Süddeutschen Zeitung am 13. Juli:

bq. Trabi-Duft aus Alu-Dosen
Ein Versand für Ostprodukte vertreibt Trabi-Abgase. Man will “auf originelle Art die Vergangenheit einfangen, konservieren, und damit zur deutsch-deutschen Verständigung beitragen”.

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