Weblogs that have nothing to do with legal translation

Drones Club, EN, by Cornelius Bear, is a spoof foodie blog (via Appetites, which isn’t, and which is written by a lawyer).

English Cut, EN, is the blog of Thomas Mahon, a bespoke tailor of Savile Row and points north.

Bento moblog consists of photos of bento lunches.

Der Shopblogger, DE, reports on the life of a supermarket manager.

Making Light, EN, the blog of Theresa Nielsen Hayden , an editor. Her latest entry is on the Litte Lytton, a competition for writing bad first sentences.

2 thoughts on “Weblogs that have nothing to do with legal translation

  1. Those bento boxes look great. I stumbled upon the linked site a couple of months ago when I found out that Mizuko Ito was Joi Ito’s sister. Used to prepare a “Hello Kitty” bento box for my daughter when she went to kindergarten in Tokyo.

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